New Delivery Prices for 2015

We have changed our Deliveries!

Thanks to the mass flux of on-line shopping orders in 2014, we have decided to keep up to date with the economic climate and change our deliveries services and prices; so our customers have the best options possible.

Small Packet Service – Standard – £3.95*
This service is for smaller products that weigh 2kg or less. The lead time is 2-5 working days.

Small Packet Service – Next Day – £5.95*
This service is for products weighing 2kg or less. The lead time is a Next Working Day service.

Standard Courier Service – £5.99*
This service is for products up to 30kg and is a standard 2-5 working day lead time.

Next Working Day Courier Service – £7.99*
This service is for products up to 30kg and is a Next working day service.

Free Delivery Service*
This is on a Standard 2-5 working day service and is applicable to customers with orders reaching a total of £60.00 (incl VAT) or more.

As well as this we also offer a Next Working Day service for those with orders £60.00 (incl VAT) or more; for an additional £2.50.

*All of our delivery services are subject to UK delivery addresses. For Ireland and Europe this can be more; pallet quantities, if required for a Next day, can also vary. Deliveries are not guaranteed as once they are within the courier system any internal delays, road closures or vehicle breakdowns are not within our control and can add delays.

We like to offer a wide range of services for our customers as customer service is our main priority.
You can expect further updates from the TTteam regarding deliveries; services we offer and more product tutorials.


How to Put up a Temporary Fence

One of our best sellers is our Temporary Fencing Kits; containing:

1x Barrier Mesh Fence 1m x 50m roll (colour choice and grade choice available)
20x Fencing Pins for support (metal or plastic option)
20x U-pins (to anchor the mesh into the ground)
100 Cable Ties (for further support)

A regular question of ours is: “How do I put this up?” So here’s a how to make popping your fence up a little easier.

First off, whether you are having plastic or metal pins; you need to position them with the correct spacing for effective support.  We recommend a distance of 2m – 2.5m. This will enable your mesh fencing to stay taut and act as a secure boundary.

Once you have your pins in place you should then roll out your barrier mesh.

  • If using metal pins, hook the fencing over the loop at the top, and further attach the barrier mesh with extra cable ties down the length of the pin.
  • With plastic pins, simply clip onto the hooks.

It’s easier to roll out the amount of netting you need by standing the roll of mesh upright with 1x pin of choice anchoring the end of the roll. This will allow you to efficiently roll out your netting.

Once you have your basic fence up you can then introduce the U-pins. 1x U-pin between each post will secure the netting to the ground and will decrease the chance of animals or children trying to go under the netting.

Whether it’s temporary or permanent the Temporary Fencing Kit is ideal for quick boundaries and fences.

It’s that simple!

NEW Delivery Prices

So since our last news update things have been moving swiftly up and up in terms of success in the sales office.

Our newest piece of news we are proud to announce; NEW DELIVERY PRICES!
We’re forever trying to make our on-line shopping experience the best it can possibly be for our customers. With our friendly and helpful sales staff, it’s only right we have excellent delivery prices to match.

So as of recently; our standard Next Working Day Delivery service is now dropping from a £6.99 Courier Charge to £5.99 
and our Free delivery Margin has dropped from £90.00 (incl VAT) to £60.00 (incl VAT).

With products and Price drops we are constantly fighting with our selves to better our prices and service to be the most competitive company for our products and Customers.

More from the TTteam soon!



Shares in Diamond Logistics Norwich & Our Best Day of Orders Yet!

It’s been a little bit quiet on the news front until the recent bank holiday weekend. 
Christmas is always our busiest time of the year, with us usually clearing 200 orders a day; which is good for a growing business.

Our maximum order count in one day has never pushed passed 218 but recently we managed to beat that number with a whopping 324 orders in one day!
We were proud of ourselves to say the least. With numbers of orders increasing all the time it looks like we’ll be hitting a new target very soon.

Along side that we have also bought shares in our trusted courier company, Diamond Logistics Norwich who will also have a headquarters within our facility which will give us future potential to expand our company in different industries and not just On-line ordering.

We’ve already branched out into Retail with our walk in shop. This partnership could entail future expansions such as our own despatch company powered by Diamond.
The Future looks prosperous for True Traders, more updates and news to come soon.
Watch this space.



Live-Chat now available on True Traders’ Websites !

So Live Chat has joined the 7 niche websites of True Traders, trying to promote more efficient mediums of contact between customers and sales reps.
Live chat has been viewed in positive lights across e-commerce business’s proving to be more convenient for customers and Sales Operatives.

Many on-line consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping on-line; in fact, 44% of on-line consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an on-line purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.
– “Making Proactive Chat Work” study Conducted by  
Forrester Research


So if you need help but don’t fancy picking up the telephone or emailing, or just need answers quick; pop up on our live chat system and we’ll be happy to help.

At True Traders we have a constant vision to better our shopping experience for our customers. Live Chat is just one of the new features we plan on introducing to our e-commerce sites, so watch this space for more info and updates from the TTteam 🙂



In the Paper !!!

So after our recent tidal wave of 350 applicants for our 1 new job opening for a new Warehouse Fulfilment team member; we have managed to draw the attention of the local paper, Great Yarmouth Mercury.
Which is very exciting news for us. Our publicity and marketing side of True Traders is on the up and hopefully you’ll be seeing our name everywhere (or that’s the plan anyway).

Just thought id share our most exciting piece of news from the TTteam.

Tyee xox

1 job – 350 Applicants! Tough times for the unemployed!

Recently TrueTraders have advertised for a new job opening in the Warehouse and Distribution department of the True Centre.

The advert was sent to job centres locally and we had a mass response to say the least. Over 350 people applied within the first day of the advert being viewable to the public.

A staggering figure to us as well. In a positive light shows how far a small business can come in such a short period of time.

350 applications for a single job is pretty exceptional, and shows how tough it is out there at the moment. – Sam Russel – Senior Reporter – Eastern Daily Press

However we are not unique case but are definitely a clear example of just how hard these economic times really are. People in the masses struggle everyday to find work from the lesser paid jobs to the higher one.

Does it not show that times need to change! The population is growing… why aren’t job oppertunities….?!?!?




TrueTraders #nomakeupselfie? YOU can Kick Cancers’ Butt Too!

So the latest thing to storm social networking is the Cancer Research Awareness Campaign.

Facebookers and Twitters a-like have banded together to take part in the nominations to raise money and support Cancer research.

The campaign has managed to raise £2 Million in the last 48 hours; by Women of all ages, simply taking photos of themselves tagging #nomakeupselfie, in which girls strip to their bare, Au-natural faces.

The boys are even taking part too, with their #madeupselfie. (there’s a good reason boys don’t wear make-up) It’s amazing how people can really come together and support something global with a simple snapshot and donation.

Across the UK people have been nominating their friends to make a difference.

 And at True Traders we’re jumping on the band-wagon!

On Monday, March 24th; True Traders will be opening up the Donation-Jar for all employees (and customers, if they wish) to chip in. The Following Thursday you’ll see our donation and Selfies supporting the campaign across all of our departments. Boys and Girls! We Care and we’re ready to Kick Cancer’s Butt.

So from the TrueTraders Blogger, here’s my #nomakeupselfie



Have you got involved Text Beat to 70007 !

Is your Customer Service the best it could be ?

Customer service plays a key part in the well-oiled machine of any retail organisation.

Your stock may be a plenty; but if your sales staff aren’t up to scratch you’ll never retain the customers or push those products.

The main issue when it comes to customer service is that agents are less inclined to go the extra mile for customers if it inconveniences them. However it is a well-known fact that customers are unlikely to return to a company after experiencing poor customer service.
In fact a whopping 89% of consumers have gone else-where after experiencing poor service. It all adds up; poor service + no sales = failing business.

Dom working hard getting those sales ;)

Dominic Gilham – Sales Advisor at True Traders

If you’d like to prevent this from happening maybe you need to have a look at the following with your customer service team.

  1. Tone 
  2. Form 
  3. Response

The tone in which you address customers must be upbeat and polite no-one likes to listen to a mumbling robot or a rude answer to a legit question. Flip it on its head and consider; how would you like to be addressed if you were to contact someone for help? You’d be looking for a helpful response right?

The form in which you speak to customers really does effect the conversation. If a customer politely asks you a question and you informally reply with “yeah what-evs “; I would definitely expect a shirty response and that customer is unlikely to return and buy again.

You can of course change your form it doesn’t always have to be as though you’re addressing the Queen. Match the form of your customer (to an extent) this is a key in building relationships and trust with your customers. If you’ve got a bit of an Essex-geezer you can have a bit of Banter; if you’ve got someone who sounds as though they eat sunshine and rainbows for breakfast, then react in the same manner, as you’ll be connecting with your customers on a personal level, and thus get more out of the conversation for both you and your customer.

Customers are after as much information as possible without being on the phone for ages. So be direct and efficient in your answers and try apply your products to their situation; not only will they be able to understand your explanations more but by relating to the customers you’re more likely to get a better sale; as they would realise you are giving them valuable advice and you could even increase your sale by offering further products.

  • It’s difficult within a 5 minute phone call to be able to grow a relationship with your customers. Obtain their trust with your answers. And build your sales with that relationship.
  • The key is to respond in a friendly non-robotic manner. Customers hate scripts as it doesn’t feel personal enough and is off-putting.
  • If YOU can’t help them find some-one who can, you don’t want to sound like you don’t have a clue as it reflects badly on your business.

Tyee xox

Leave your Work-Stress in work. 3 Ways to Help relax you!

If like me you feel the stress of work very easily and can’t break that feeling, even when the work day is far behind you and you’re at home trying to enjoy that cup of tea?
Think of these steps to try and help you find your calm. After all, stress has been known to

cause illness and of course ruin your appearance. Grey hairs? Wrinkles? No thanks !!!

….so stamp it out and have a read 🙂

Work it out.

A way to deal with stress is exercise. Some people like to take two hours at the gym when they’re feeling negative and there is a reason for this known as “Involuntary Attention” or to others known as distraction. Negative feelings, no matter how strong; when they are over come by something more pressing such as concentration during a work out, it has been known to de-stress you. And if you’re not a gym lover a 10 minute walk should do the trick 😉

“Picture your happy place”

Now you may laugh and think that’s for spiritual people or for yoga-lovers, and nothing is going to get the image of your troll like boss working you to the bone. But in fact taken 5 minutes out of the stress to sit and visualise yourself in a calm environment; maybe with the help of some natural acoustics. But this has actually been proven to stimulate the mind in a relaxed response, thus decreasing your blood pressure and slowing your breathing. This method is even backed by health institutes! The mind can be a powerful thing.

Snuggles and Cuddles?

This is my personal favourite. Cuddling. So when you were young and you grazed your knee at the park and the only thing that made it better was a cuddle from mummy and then you were away again; it’s the same kind of principle. Cuddling has been scientifically shown to release a hormone called Oxytocin. This feel-good hormone can make you feel invincible, like nothing can hurt you and also make you feel connected to others. So cuddling really does make everything better

But despite these facts you may have your own means of de-stressing. I know I personally run a bath with lots of bubbles and candles and chill out to a film on Netflix; swiftly followed by cuddles with the Fella and the mutt.
The key is distraction 😉
Don’t let stress get on top of you, leave your work life in work and take a deep breath.


Tyee xox