Are you going about Social Networking the wrong way?

So recently I went to a session, to better yourself at on-line networking and found I was going about it completely the wrong way. If you’re a bit of a techno-phobe; don’t really get the whole social networking thing or your just not getting the results from your content…then have a read.

See if you can apply it to your business!

So the 3 stages of Social Networking:

  1. Engage your audience
  2. Promote your company
  3. Keep up relations.

So if you’ve just started to branch out into social networking then you shouldn’t promote yourself to start. Unless you’re a BIG, well named brand that everyone already recognises and shares everything you post.

And it’s not all about competitions and give-aways. Your audience is just going to be after free things and have no interest in your business if you don’t interest them first. That all comes in the latter part of social networking.

The initial start is to Engage your audience.
Start with sharing and updating your sites with trending topics.

This could be:

  • Industry news (relating to your business)
  • Products News (new products or services)
  • How-to Articles (everyone asks the internet for help now-a-days)
  • Case studies (things going on in your company or topics you think your audience will like)
  • Or Frequently asked questions by customers (makes great article topics).

Get a good following (or fan base) before you start promoting yourself. You want to have that trust between you and your followers and get them interested in what you post. Otherwise, your promoting will just go straight out the window.
Obtain authority (more followers than following) before you branch out into talking-up your business.

Authority- To obtain Authority is where your shares, likes and re-tweets come in. Once your content is being shared, liked and re-tweeted, left, right and centre; should you then start to advertise yourself. If you have the upper hand then your audience is going to be more interested in what you have to say.

Relating – relate current stories to what your business is about. Not only will potential customers see the relativity but so will future suppliers, investors and other similar companies. You want to be considered competition right?
For example, if you are a Retail company you want to talk about – Rising costs or new technology to your industry things that are relevant to the kind of audience you want to attract.

Writing Your own Original Content!

When it comes to writing your own engaging content that relates more to your business than an external 3rd party article; there are 3 simple stages.

  1. Dump it
  2. Chunk it
  3. And Shine it
You can’t be expected to right a top-notch article from the get go?

So slam your thoughts into word!
Separate it to add your flow!
And then polish it up for publishing.

Hey I just did it……:)

Also just a tip, don’t write long laborious paragraphs try stick to a maximum of 2 or 3 sentences a paragraph. We live in a world of skim-readers now and unfortunately no matter how good or informative your content…People will shy away from big, bulky paragraphs.


  • Short and Snappy
  • Include interesting bullet points (gives people the incentive to read on)
  • And keep your info/answers brief

I Hope this was helpful. Any questions or advice, email me.


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