Leave your Work-Stress in work. 3 Ways to Help relax you!

If like me you feel the stress of work very easily and can’t break that feeling, even when the work day is far behind you and you’re at home trying to enjoy that cup of tea?
Think of these steps to try and help you find your calm. After all, stress has been known to

cause illness and of course ruin your appearance. Grey hairs? Wrinkles? No thanks !!!

….so stamp it out and have a read 🙂

Work it out.

A way to deal with stress is exercise. Some people like to take two hours at the gym when they’re feeling negative and there is a reason for this known as “Involuntary Attention” or to others known as distraction. Negative feelings, no matter how strong; when they are over come by something more pressing such as concentration during a work out, it has been known to de-stress you. And if you’re not a gym lover a 10 minute walk should do the trick 😉

“Picture your happy place”

Now you may laugh and think that’s for spiritual people or for yoga-lovers, and nothing is going to get the image of your troll like boss working you to the bone. But in fact taken 5 minutes out of the stress to sit and visualise yourself in a calm environment; maybe with the help of some natural acoustics. But this has actually been proven to stimulate the mind in a relaxed response, thus decreasing your blood pressure and slowing your breathing. This method is even backed by health institutes! The mind can be a powerful thing.

Snuggles and Cuddles?

This is my personal favourite. Cuddling. So when you were young and you grazed your knee at the park and the only thing that made it better was a cuddle from mummy and then you were away again; it’s the same kind of principle. Cuddling has been scientifically shown to release a hormone called Oxytocin. This feel-good hormone can make you feel invincible, like nothing can hurt you and also make you feel connected to others. So cuddling really does make everything better

But despite these facts you may have your own means of de-stressing. I know I personally run a bath with lots of bubbles and candles and chill out to a film on Netflix; swiftly followed by cuddles with the Fella and the mutt.
The key is distraction 😉
Don’t let stress get on top of you, leave your work life in work and take a deep breath.


Tyee xox


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