Is your Customer Service the best it could be ?

Customer service plays a key part in the well-oiled machine of any retail organisation.

Your stock may be a plenty; but if your sales staff aren’t up to scratch you’ll never retain the customers or push those products.

The main issue when it comes to customer service is that agents are less inclined to go the extra mile for customers if it inconveniences them. However it is a well-known fact that customers are unlikely to return to a company after experiencing poor customer service.
In fact a whopping 89% of consumers have gone else-where after experiencing poor service. It all adds up; poor service + no sales = failing business.

Dom working hard getting those sales ;)

Dominic Gilham – Sales Advisor at True Traders

If you’d like to prevent this from happening maybe you need to have a look at the following with your customer service team.

  1. Tone 
  2. Form 
  3. Response

The tone in which you address customers must be upbeat and polite no-one likes to listen to a mumbling robot or a rude answer to a legit question. Flip it on its head and consider; how would you like to be addressed if you were to contact someone for help? You’d be looking for a helpful response right?

The form in which you speak to customers really does effect the conversation. If a customer politely asks you a question and you informally reply with “yeah what-evs “; I would definitely expect a shirty response and that customer is unlikely to return and buy again.

You can of course change your form it doesn’t always have to be as though you’re addressing the Queen. Match the form of your customer (to an extent) this is a key in building relationships and trust with your customers. If you’ve got a bit of an Essex-geezer you can have a bit of Banter; if you’ve got someone who sounds as though they eat sunshine and rainbows for breakfast, then react in the same manner, as you’ll be connecting with your customers on a personal level, and thus get more out of the conversation for both you and your customer.

Customers are after as much information as possible without being on the phone for ages. So be direct and efficient in your answers and try apply your products to their situation; not only will they be able to understand your explanations more but by relating to the customers you’re more likely to get a better sale; as they would realise you are giving them valuable advice and you could even increase your sale by offering further products.

  • It’s difficult within a 5 minute phone call to be able to grow a relationship with your customers. Obtain their trust with your answers. And build your sales with that relationship.
  • The key is to respond in a friendly non-robotic manner. Customers hate scripts as it doesn’t feel personal enough and is off-putting.
  • If YOU can’t help them find some-one who can, you don’t want to sound like you don’t have a clue as it reflects badly on your business.

Tyee xox


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