Shares in Diamond Logistics Norwich & Our Best Day of Orders Yet!

It’s been a little bit quiet on the news front until the recent bank holiday weekend. 
Christmas is always our busiest time of the year, with us usually clearing 200 orders a day; which is good for a growing business.

Our maximum order count in one day has never pushed passed 218 but recently we managed to beat that number with a whopping 324 orders in one day!
We were proud of ourselves to say the least. With numbers of orders increasing all the time it looks like we’ll be hitting a new target very soon.

Along side that we have also bought shares in our trusted courier company, Diamond Logistics Norwich who will also have a headquarters within our facility which will give us future potential to expand our company in different industries and not just On-line ordering.

We’ve already branched out into Retail with our walk in shop. This partnership could entail future expansions such as our own despatch company powered by Diamond.
The Future looks prosperous for True Traders, more updates and news to come soon.
Watch this space.




Live-Chat now available on True Traders’ Websites !

So Live Chat has joined the 7 niche websites of True Traders, trying to promote more efficient mediums of contact between customers and sales reps.
Live chat has been viewed in positive lights across e-commerce business’s proving to be more convenient for customers and Sales Operatives.

Many on-line consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping on-line; in fact, 44% of on-line consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an on-line purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.
– “Making Proactive Chat Work” study Conducted by  
Forrester Research


So if you need help but don’t fancy picking up the telephone or emailing, or just need answers quick; pop up on our live chat system and we’ll be happy to help.

At True Traders we have a constant vision to better our shopping experience for our customers. Live Chat is just one of the new features we plan on introducing to our e-commerce sites, so watch this space for more info and updates from the TTteam 🙂



Celebrating Birthdays and New Products at TT

Good Morning,
So at the True Centre the TTteam are celebrating a Birthday.
Mine actually. Yeah that’s right Tyee has turned 20 today 😀 and I have also been pleasantly surprised with some lovely cards and cream cakes from the TTteam. What a lovely bunch 🙂
Can’t beat Coffe and Cake :L Lol
I am off for a long Birthday/Valentines trip to Paris so you won’t be hearing from me until next Tuesday. Arrghhh such a long wait. Lol, but i’m sure you’ll manage 😉

So True Traders has also introduced and few new products to our Websites which I wanted to share with you before I jet off across waters.

So we have Reflective orange barrier fencetaking the place of plastic barrier fence with lamps to help protect workers at night and keep them out of danger. High visibility at all times, makes warning lamps and road signs no longer necessary. the combination of orange-yellow makes the net highly visible even during foggy days. At night the built-in continuous retro-reflective tapes, with visibility power of 800cpl, warn drivers from hundred of meters away.

What’s not to like sounds like a must have to any Building or Construction Firm to me 😉

Left – Material close-up of Reflective Barrier Mesh. Right- demonstration of reflective barrier mesh installed and at use.

Also we haveNon-Conductive Fencing Pins. Traditionally Fencing pins are manufactured from steel posing high risk to the user in the event of striking underground power cables. with non- conductive fencing pins this risk is eliminated.

And now our Detectable Warning Mesh is even lower in price and a New Underground Warning mesh has also been added. Better than the average Warning Mesh this is manufactured from high strength colour rot-resistant homopolymer, polypropylene plastic; More visible than the standard warning tapes and more likely to be seen when dug up by a workman.

Underground Warning Mesh
Warning Tapes

Warning Tapes

Different Coloured warning tapes and messages.

All of that and loads more at True Traders. So have a look at our website and keep yourself up to date with all of the latest news and goss from the TTteam. We’re on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ (with on-line video chat) and LinkedIn.

So that’s all from me today 🙂 Bon Voyáge and see you when I return 😉


New Addition to the Warehouse :)

So just thought I would share this with you…

We’ve had an addition to the True Centre ! No its not a new member of staff but it is a new mezzanine in the warehouse.

So after an amazing two days and lots of cups of Tea, it is finally finished. We’re very proud of the work which has been achieved over the past couple days we felt we should share it with you guys.
Which means lots of new space for some new products coming your way.
More from us soon….

Couriers, Couriers, Couriers!

From the good to the bad; couriers are there to try and make our lives that little bit easier. 
We send everything, from large heavy goods to small fragile parcels, it’s just another day at the office for us.  So when we found a company that offer us the best bets of every courier service, we just couldn’t resist.
Diamond Logistics are our couriers and have benefited us and our customers with the brilliant service they provide.  They are a mother ship to other delivery services; they provide the best couriers for your parcel, for your location and for the right price!
Diamond ;)

Diamond 😉

Diamonds’ Declaration! “To work in mutual benefit, delivering time critical delivery solutions to our clients”
“To provide great career opportunities to our staff and subcontractors.”
“To contribute positively to society on local, regional and global levels.”
“To be a really good company to trust, work for and to belong to.” Our philosophy as a company is to constantly find the means to better ourselves and Diamond Logistics share the same goals. Since partnering with them we have had better reviews of our service; better prices for all of our customers and also a friendly face to deliver to your door. Everything a company would want! Don’t believe us?!? Then have a read for yourself; reviews from partnering companies as well as customers… Click Here!
Diamond logistics Van

Diamond logistics Van

But there is always room for improvement and of course the TTteam are always looking for means to better our service. So not only do we have more options for you as a customer but we also intend to lower our Free Delivery margins.
So for those of you who don’t know, True Traders already offers an amazing deal that if your order comes to £75.00 or more (exVat) then your UK delivery is Free! But we can do better than that, we’re already working on making that price EVEN LOWER to ensure that our customers are getting the best deals from us. We will always try to ensure that our company thrives in all aspects and providing an excellent service to our customers, is a number one priority.
More to come from the TTteam…..
Tyler TrueTraders xox