How to Put up a Temporary Fence

One of our best sellers is our Temporary Fencing Kits; containing:

1x Barrier Mesh Fence 1m x 50m roll (colour choice and grade choice available)
20x Fencing Pins for support (metal or plastic option)
20x U-pins (to anchor the mesh into the ground)
100 Cable Ties (for further support)

A regular question of ours is: “How do I put this up?” So here’s a how to make popping your fence up a little easier.

First off, whether you are having plastic or metal pins; you need to position them with the correct spacing for effective support.  We recommend a distance of 2m – 2.5m. This will enable your mesh fencing to stay taut and act as a secure boundary.

Once you have your pins in place you should then roll out your barrier mesh.

  • If using metal pins, hook the fencing over the loop at the top, and further attach the barrier mesh with extra cable ties down the length of the pin.
  • With plastic pins, simply clip onto the hooks.

It’s easier to roll out the amount of netting you need by standing the roll of mesh upright with 1x pin of choice anchoring the end of the roll. This will allow you to efficiently roll out your netting.

Once you have your basic fence up you can then introduce the U-pins. 1x U-pin between each post will secure the netting to the ground and will decrease the chance of animals or children trying to go under the netting.

Whether it’s temporary or permanent the Temporary Fencing Kit is ideal for quick boundaries and fences.

It’s that simple!


Shares in Diamond Logistics Norwich & Our Best Day of Orders Yet!

It’s been a little bit quiet on the news front until the recent bank holiday weekend. 
Christmas is always our busiest time of the year, with us usually clearing 200 orders a day; which is good for a growing business.

Our maximum order count in one day has never pushed passed 218 but recently we managed to beat that number with a whopping 324 orders in one day!
We were proud of ourselves to say the least. With numbers of orders increasing all the time it looks like we’ll be hitting a new target very soon.

Along side that we have also bought shares in our trusted courier company, Diamond Logistics Norwich who will also have a headquarters within our facility which will give us future potential to expand our company in different industries and not just On-line ordering.

We’ve already branched out into Retail with our walk in shop. This partnership could entail future expansions such as our own despatch company powered by Diamond.
The Future looks prosperous for True Traders, more updates and news to come soon.
Watch this space.



Live-Chat now available on True Traders’ Websites !

So Live Chat has joined the 7 niche websites of True Traders, trying to promote more efficient mediums of contact between customers and sales reps.
Live chat has been viewed in positive lights across e-commerce business’s proving to be more convenient for customers and Sales Operatives.

Many on-line consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping on-line; in fact, 44% of on-line consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an on-line purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.
– “Making Proactive Chat Work” study Conducted by  
Forrester Research


So if you need help but don’t fancy picking up the telephone or emailing, or just need answers quick; pop up on our live chat system and we’ll be happy to help.

At True Traders we have a constant vision to better our shopping experience for our customers. Live Chat is just one of the new features we plan on introducing to our e-commerce sites, so watch this space for more info and updates from the TTteam 🙂



1 job – 350 Applicants! Tough times for the unemployed!

Recently TrueTraders have advertised for a new job opening in the Warehouse and Distribution department of the True Centre.

The advert was sent to job centres locally and we had a mass response to say the least. Over 350 people applied within the first day of the advert being viewable to the public.

A staggering figure to us as well. In a positive light shows how far a small business can come in such a short period of time.

350 applications for a single job is pretty exceptional, and shows how tough it is out there at the moment. – Sam Russel – Senior Reporter – Eastern Daily Press

However we are not unique case but are definitely a clear example of just how hard these economic times really are. People in the masses struggle everyday to find work from the lesser paid jobs to the higher one.

Does it not show that times need to change! The population is growing… why aren’t job oppertunities….?!?!?




TrueTraders #nomakeupselfie? YOU can Kick Cancers’ Butt Too!

So the latest thing to storm social networking is the Cancer Research Awareness Campaign.

Facebookers and Twitters a-like have banded together to take part in the nominations to raise money and support Cancer research.

The campaign has managed to raise £2 Million in the last 48 hours; by Women of all ages, simply taking photos of themselves tagging #nomakeupselfie, in which girls strip to their bare, Au-natural faces.

The boys are even taking part too, with their #madeupselfie. (there’s a good reason boys don’t wear make-up) It’s amazing how people can really come together and support something global with a simple snapshot and donation.

Across the UK people have been nominating their friends to make a difference.

 And at True Traders we’re jumping on the band-wagon!

On Monday, March 24th; True Traders will be opening up the Donation-Jar for all employees (and customers, if they wish) to chip in. The Following Thursday you’ll see our donation and Selfies supporting the campaign across all of our departments. Boys and Girls! We Care and we’re ready to Kick Cancer’s Butt.

So from the TrueTraders Blogger, here’s my #nomakeupselfie



Have you got involved Text Beat to 70007 !

Are you going about Social Networking the wrong way?

So recently I went to a session, to better yourself at on-line networking and found I was going about it completely the wrong way. If you’re a bit of a techno-phobe; don’t really get the whole social networking thing or your just not getting the results from your content…then have a read.

See if you can apply it to your business!

So the 3 stages of Social Networking:

  1. Engage your audience
  2. Promote your company
  3. Keep up relations.

So if you’ve just started to branch out into social networking then you shouldn’t promote yourself to start. Unless you’re a BIG, well named brand that everyone already recognises and shares everything you post.

And it’s not all about competitions and give-aways. Your audience is just going to be after free things and have no interest in your business if you don’t interest them first. That all comes in the latter part of social networking.

The initial start is to Engage your audience.
Start with sharing and updating your sites with trending topics.

This could be:

  • Industry news (relating to your business)
  • Products News (new products or services)
  • How-to Articles (everyone asks the internet for help now-a-days)
  • Case studies (things going on in your company or topics you think your audience will like)
  • Or Frequently asked questions by customers (makes great article topics).

Get a good following (or fan base) before you start promoting yourself. You want to have that trust between you and your followers and get them interested in what you post. Otherwise, your promoting will just go straight out the window.
Obtain authority (more followers than following) before you branch out into talking-up your business.

Authority- To obtain Authority is where your shares, likes and re-tweets come in. Once your content is being shared, liked and re-tweeted, left, right and centre; should you then start to advertise yourself. If you have the upper hand then your audience is going to be more interested in what you have to say.

Relating – relate current stories to what your business is about. Not only will potential customers see the relativity but so will future suppliers, investors and other similar companies. You want to be considered competition right?
For example, if you are a Retail company you want to talk about – Rising costs or new technology to your industry things that are relevant to the kind of audience you want to attract.

Writing Your own Original Content!

When it comes to writing your own engaging content that relates more to your business than an external 3rd party article; there are 3 simple stages.

  1. Dump it
  2. Chunk it
  3. And Shine it
You can’t be expected to right a top-notch article from the get go?

So slam your thoughts into word!
Separate it to add your flow!
And then polish it up for publishing.

Hey I just did it……:)

Also just a tip, don’t write long laborious paragraphs try stick to a maximum of 2 or 3 sentences a paragraph. We live in a world of skim-readers now and unfortunately no matter how good or informative your content…People will shy away from big, bulky paragraphs.


  • Short and Snappy
  • Include interesting bullet points (gives people the incentive to read on)
  • And keep your info/answers brief

I Hope this was helpful. Any questions or advice, email me.

What we can offer you!

Apart from all of our amazing products and prices we also have a few bonuses when you shop with us, online or over the phone.
Free Delivery!
Delivery is to UK mainland (excluding highlands and islands) and you spend £50.00 (exVat) or more then we won’t charge for delivery. That’s right it’s free!

What else do we offer customers?

Price Matching!
We will also do our best to price match for you. So if you see our product elsewhere for cheaper; give us a call with the website of the company and once we’ve confirmed the lower price; we’ll match it… This of course is subject to product and must be a legitimate website that you saw the price.

Not happy?
No problem. If your product arrives damaged or there is a manufacturing problem with your product. Don’t worry, we’ll swap it for you and have one of our team test the product to make sure the replacement is fully functional.

Next day Delivery!
We can get your order out the same day you order. As long as you place your order before our 2pm cut off time you could receive your products Next day.

Advice and Samples
Not sure on which product is right for you? Well our sales team are always ready and willing to offer free advice to help you find the best product for the job. And if you’re still unsure ask for a sample. We will happily send out samples to you so you can get a feel for the product and know what product is best for you. This is by Royal Mail and subject to size and material.
And if you think there’s a product we could get that isn’t on our website give us a call. We always go the extra mile for customers and with our trusted suppliers we will do our very best to try and find it for you.

Biggest Order Yet!

LAAARGE order to Lebanon !

So we had one of our largest orders, leave us today in a rather large container.

We sold 250 Galvanised Crowd control barriers to a lovely customer who took advantage of our great Bulk order discount. I would imagine they are well on there way to Lebanon now but thought this was a good example of the size of orders we can deliver and also the distance in which we can arrange delivery. Whatever the Quantity, wherever it needs to go ;).

Shop your way, the True way.


Celebrating Birthdays and New Products at TT

Good Morning,
So at the True Centre the TTteam are celebrating a Birthday.
Mine actually. Yeah that’s right Tyee has turned 20 today 😀 and I have also been pleasantly surprised with some lovely cards and cream cakes from the TTteam. What a lovely bunch 🙂
Can’t beat Coffe and Cake :L Lol
I am off for a long Birthday/Valentines trip to Paris so you won’t be hearing from me until next Tuesday. Arrghhh such a long wait. Lol, but i’m sure you’ll manage 😉

So True Traders has also introduced and few new products to our Websites which I wanted to share with you before I jet off across waters.

So we have Reflective orange barrier fencetaking the place of plastic barrier fence with lamps to help protect workers at night and keep them out of danger. High visibility at all times, makes warning lamps and road signs no longer necessary. the combination of orange-yellow makes the net highly visible even during foggy days. At night the built-in continuous retro-reflective tapes, with visibility power of 800cpl, warn drivers from hundred of meters away.

What’s not to like sounds like a must have to any Building or Construction Firm to me 😉

Left – Material close-up of Reflective Barrier Mesh. Right- demonstration of reflective barrier mesh installed and at use.

Also we haveNon-Conductive Fencing Pins. Traditionally Fencing pins are manufactured from steel posing high risk to the user in the event of striking underground power cables. with non- conductive fencing pins this risk is eliminated.

And now our Detectable Warning Mesh is even lower in price and a New Underground Warning mesh has also been added. Better than the average Warning Mesh this is manufactured from high strength colour rot-resistant homopolymer, polypropylene plastic; More visible than the standard warning tapes and more likely to be seen when dug up by a workman.

Underground Warning Mesh
Warning Tapes

Warning Tapes

Different Coloured warning tapes and messages.

All of that and loads more at True Traders. So have a look at our website and keep yourself up to date with all of the latest news and goss from the TTteam. We’re on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ (with on-line video chat) and LinkedIn.

So that’s all from me today 🙂 Bon Voyáge and see you when I return 😉


New Addition to the Warehouse :)

So just thought I would share this with you…

We’ve had an addition to the True Centre ! No its not a new member of staff but it is a new mezzanine in the warehouse.

So after an amazing two days and lots of cups of Tea, it is finally finished. We’re very proud of the work which has been achieved over the past couple days we felt we should share it with you guys.
Which means lots of new space for some new products coming your way.
More from us soon….